The Far Infrared Infused Disk That Is Revolutionizing                   Food Preservation, Food Freshness and Food Costs

    Tired of throwing away food because it goes bad too quickly? 

Concerned about the ever growing cost of food ? 
Every year in America, there are over 500 billion pounds of food that finds its way to landfills, much of it from spoilage.

This represents over 50 billion dollars in actual costs to families! 

Additionally, it is estimated that medical costs from foodborne illnesses are well in excess of 150 billion dollars annually.

Introducing: Herbie 
Herbie   has been scientifically proven to increase the shelf life 
of nearly ALL foods and enhances its flavor and taste, particularly that of fruits, vegetables, meats and dairy products! 
Herbie   is
  • a FIR (far infrared) infused clear glass disk 
  • FIR is safe, harmless, natural emissivity, scientifically proven in multiple studies to increase the shelf life of nearly ALL foods!
  • slows the growth of bacteria and potential pathogens in the general food supply
  • reduces oxidation and retains moisture in food
  • Herbie   also lasts for up to 2 years!
Oxidation and moisture loss are the two leading factors that foster mold, bacteria, nasty odors and rapid food spoilage in both refrigerators and pantries.

Herbie   also:
  • diminishes the production of ethylene gas that is also part of the spoilage process of foods, particularly fruits and veggies
  • extends the life of cooked foods, breads and baked goods!

         Herbie   is easy to use!

Just place it in your refrigerator, pantry or bread drawer to have it go to work to start preserving and enhancing your foods!

       Lasts up to 2 full years!

With the FIR Disc, Herbie   , you can:
  • eat fresher, healthier foods 
  • save thousands of dollars every year on your grocery bill and
  • avoid costly food borne illnesses! 
Tired of throwing away food because it goes bad too quickly? 

Meet Herbie   , the innovative far infrared disc that can extend the shelf life of nearly all foods and enhance their flavor and taste. 

Simply place Herbie   in your fridge, bread drawer, or wherever you need better shelf life for your foods. 


It's eco-friendly and can save you money on groceries in the long run! 

Order your Herbie    today and join the Food Preservation Revolution! 
"I was hesitant at first. 
Like how was this going to work?

 Absolutely, incredible! 
Well made, sturdy and what really impressed me was the fact that even the strawberries and cucumbers which always spoil quickly, have lasted up to 3 weeks. 

Love this little disk!" 
SP Block, NY
"I saw what it started to do with my bread and crackers. 
I thought I'd try it in the fridge to see what about cheese as cheese can get moldy fairly quickly. 

It did wonders! No mold and the cheese stayed so fresh and actually tasted or seemed more rich! 

I definitely recommend this little Herbie   disk!" 
Sherry, PA

"Lettuce - always quickly turns for me, especially field greens where there is a combination of greens with some turning slimy relatively quickly.

This never happens since I started using this little amazing disc. 

My greens are lasting so far consistently up to over 3 weeks. Would probably last even longer, but I normally have eaten them by then, lol!

I'm really enjoying and loving this disc! He doesn't have that cute little picture on the front, but who cares.
 He does what "he says!

This is extremely well made and works and is saving me so much money!" 

Is extremely affordable at 
ONLY $29.95  incl s/h
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Yes, you can order just one, but you will soon see why you can easily use the 2 or 5 pack ... more!  Pricing includes s/h. 
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There really isn't an industry where Herbie    cannot be used or offer benefit! 

Hospitality Industry
Garden Centers
Massage Centers

Pet Supply Stores
Enhances health of animals, plants, humans with the far infrared technology 
Smoke Shops
Cigar Shops
Nutritional and Supplement Industries
Varying Medical Industry Uses
                          More !

​Herbie    has been increasing in positive reviews and success stories as more and more 
              People and Businesses are seeing for themselves incredible results !                              
2 Pack of Herbie Disks 
5 pack of Herbie Disks 
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Herbie TM 
by Sol-Ray

Herbie Makes A Great Stocking Stuffer!

A Great & Thoughtful Gift For Anytime of Year.

A Non Chemical, Effective Way to Build Your Immune System,
 Assist with Pain, Anxiety, Work Outs, More? 

While You Are Here, You May Have Interest  In An Additional Innovation : The NING 
NINGS are designed as nose rings that are available in varying formulas, 
as seen below.

The NING is a Terpene Infused Nose Ring. 
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Immune NING - so important and very effective.  A number one seller! 
So What Exactly Is A Terpene?
A terpene is a natural organic compound found in various plants, including fruits and flowers that contributes to their distinct aromas and flavors. Terpenes are often used in essential oils and perfumes due to their pleasant scents and are believed to have various potential health benefits. terpenes enhance the body's own ability to heal, function more efficiently...
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          Think about the cost of:
  • a doctor appt
  • a prescription
  • a massage
  • a back adjustment
  • vitamins
  • herbs and so many other medical expenses, yet with use of some of the NINGS, in comparison, there is no comparison, yet the results speak for themselves, making them incredible inexpensive and a great find! 

Also, these do not have to be kept in for the straight 2-4 or 6 hours. As long as they still have scent, they are usable. You can just fold over the package and secure with a paperclip, for example, and use again when you need to, minding the scent is all. 

You can also use 2 at one time, if needed, or if you desire.

Each person is different and each need is different. They are quiet amazing though and an inexpensive enough investment to try them out and see for yourself.  

Nurse De said: "I tried the Focus NING and I couldn't believe how focused I was. 

There were a couple of staff members all working on reports and what normally takes me almost 2 hours, I was completing (and not feeling jittery or feeling racing, I might add) and completed in a little under 2 hours. 

Everyone wondered what and how. When I told them, of course, many were skeptical, but then when a few tried varying NINGS, and experienced incredible focus, pain relief, more for themselves, they were all saying: " these little things work!"  

btw, I have purchased the Burn, Workout, Immune and Chill NINGs repeatedly and in larger quantities. They really do work. 

De,F, Ohio
I had a tooth pulled and thought for sure with the way the pain was after the novacane wore off I'd for sure be taking the pain script the dentist gave me, but I tried the NING and honestly couldn't believe it. I used it for 90 minutes straight and never used anything over the next days. 
Carly S, Pittsburgh , PA 
I have to say that the IMMUNE NING is my absolute favorite.! 

Not only does it smell absolutely wonderful, but it works like a charm. I have used it under masks when we had to be wearing them. 

I have used them since, in many situations, and I haven't been sick, had a cold... I feel very much protected (like I have my own unique edge against viruses and bacteria, it seems) with them. It's the best way to describe it. 

The other point is: when they were scientifically testing the IMMUNE NING, with bacteria in a petri dish, it warded off multiple bacteria, so don't feel like it will be contaminated if you use it for a bit, take it out, save it and reuse it yourself again when or as needed.
Order today and Enjoy! 

Stay Well ! Feel Better!
Be sure to watch this video as it has valuable info. 

It was recorded before the updated pricing and picture of Herbie was updated without the leaf. 

New video will be up soon! Enjoy and be sure to watch as you will have a true visual of "Herbie!" 

Be sure to watch this video as it has valuable info. 

It was recorded before the updated pricing and picture of Herbie was updated without the leaf. 

New video will be up soon! Enjoy and be sure to watch as you will have a true visual of "Herbie!"